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Recent changes in billing has seen some clients receive up to 6 years worth of VAT-billing rebates with one golf club customer receiving a cheque back for over £20,000.

Commercial Services

Utilities Smart Ltd act as independent energy consultancy firm to the SME and Corporate business sectors energy markets. We act as an impartial source of information and cost comparison in a market primarily controlled by six large energy suppliers.

We work for you the client not the suppliers to ensure you are offered the most suitable, tailor-made and cost effective contracts for all your needs.

Domestic Services

Our experienced Domestic Services team offers individual reviews of your utility needs, ensuring competitively priced Gas, Electric and Water tariffs.

Carbon Offset

Dependent on your organisation’s sustainability policy, it may be beneficial to look at carbon offset options as an alternative to purchasing either carbon free or low carbon electricity which we offer as part of our service.

Carbon offset looks to mitigate the emissions generated through the development of alternative projects – schemes may include reforestation for example – and represent a different way of managing your organisation’s carbon footprint.


Smart Water Solutions – get ready for change. Great news for businesses. You could potentially be due a refund! Dependent on where your business operates USL can provide you with a review of your water consumption and start to save your business money on your current water bills. We will analyse and tell you if you’ve been overcharged for your water. We can also look back at your bills over the previous five years to check if you are due a refund on the over-payments. There is no great investment in time or money on your part – just send us your most recent annual water bill and we will do the rest.

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