Web Filtering Appliance

Surfing the web is an important business tool but, without the right monitoring and control, the benefits can be negated by reduced productivity, system downtime, data loss and potential legal liability.

An Igaware web filtering appliance puts you in control with an easy to use admin interface and powerful reporting.

Web Site Blocking
Predefined categories enable you to easily block millions of potentially inappropriate websites including adult, betting etc. Blocking can be enabled by machine and user.

Content Blocking
Dangerous files e.g. exe files, can be prevented from being downloaded from the Web.

Company Defined Blocking
White and black lists allow you tailor the system to match your needs.

An easy to use web interface allows you to see web usage in summary and in detail. Management reports can be automatically emailed (pdf format) to chosen recipients.

Automatic Updates
URL databases are continually updated automatically.

Access to the web can be controlled according to day and times that you define.

Active Directory Integration
If you have an Active Directory Server, the Igaware web filtering appliance can connect to this for user logon details, allowing single sign-on. The result is detailed reports of web use by individual users.