Anti-Spam Email Filtering Appliance

The Igaware Anti-Spam Email Filtering appliance filters email before it reaches your email server, keeping inboxes free from spam, viruses and other malicious content.

Your email server will instantly be protected for greater reliability while staff productivity and morale will be boosted. Daily automatic updates ensure you are always protected from the latest threats.

Anti Spam uses a powerful combination of an intelligent email filter, greylisting and image spam detection that filters out 99.9% of unsolicited bulk email. And it is engineered to avoid the problems of email delays, false positives, poor detection.

Anti-Virus includes the Clam AV and the award winning Kaspersky Anti-Virus Engines.

Anti-Mail Bombing protects against Denial of Service attacks and Mail Bombing that can cripple you email server.

Anti-Phishing identifies fraudulent emails that try to trick staff into giving away confidential personal or business information such as bank logon details.

Content Filtering removes potentially malicious payloads from email such as executable files, script tags and many more.

Email Reporting details every email sent and received and shows how many unwanted spam and virus emails have been filtered.

Archiving means you can keep email for as long as you wish.

Exchange Integration means that if you have an exchange server only email for users that exist on your exchange server get passed through. This reduces the load on your exchange server keeping it running efficiently.

Email Server/Business Continuity – if you don’t have an email server then the Igaware appliance can be enabled as a full blown email server. This is very handy as and when your exchange server crashes!

Igaware integrates seamlessly with our other systems. It has proven to be a robust, secure piece of kit. An excellent solution for all our Internet and email needs.

Nick Liley

Read Milburn & Co.

I’m very pleased with the Igaware Server. It’s very reliable and easy to use.

Bruce Cross